MailChimp & Planning Center Integration

Hey Ministry Leaders,

We added a brand new video to the course today about how to integrate MailChimp with Planning Center. You can find this video in the Integrations Pro module of the course.

The post also includes information on how to get a $30 Bill Credit for MailChimp or a 30 Day free trial on the email software that I use, Kajabi.

You'll notice a lot of activity in the course these days, as we add new content for you and work to get the word out about this course.

We are also sharing some helpful resources on our Instagram, feel free to follow us there @MinistryNerds.

If you have any questions as you go through the course, just let me know!


Brandon Maddux

How do I let multiple people schedule on the same plan?

One of our course members had a great question this week. The summary of that question was, "how do I let multiple people schedule themselves on the same plan?"

Do you just make everyone an admin so they can access it? Do you create a different service type for each person?

Or could there be a better way to make sure that the right people can schedule on a plan without being able to edit the parts of the volunteer schedule that they don't need access to?

Here is a short video I created answering the student's question and sharing exactly how to do that. You can access it here.

New Workflow Worksheets + New Video

Hey ministry friends,

It's been a while, but I'm excited to share new content with you (and there are more new resources to come!). This announcement includes three things: an exciting new development with our website, a new download, and a new video.


Over the next few days, we will be launching a new design for our website that will help even more ministry leaders catch the vision for learning Planning Center. In the process of launching the new design to our site, there may be a slight interruption in being able to log-in (but that should last no more than a few hours). 


We have released a new download called the Workflow Workbook that is designed to help you and your team design workflows together. It includes a number of different worksheets.

I know that many churches create workflows that don't end up getting used, so these worksheets are designed to help you create Workflows that matter.


As we went through the curriculum to determine what videos we needed to make next, we discovered there was a little gap in the Services curriculum. As a result, we just published a new video titled Create Positions & Assign People to Positions.

Hope you are doing well and now that I have the re-design of our website out of the way, I am excited to start adding new content to the course again.

How are you? How can I be praying for you and your ministry?

Brandon Maddux

Two New Registrations Videos

We have two new videos posted this week in the Registrations section. These finish filling out the basics of how to use Detailed Signups.

Check them out here and keep your eyes open for new videos next week.

Manual Registrations and Setting up Attendee Types.

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How to Use Headcounts & Automatically Import Custom Reports

This week we have two new tutorial videos posted for you!

First, if you are using Check-Ins in your church, you will want to watch this video on how to make the most of Headcounts. At the end of the video, I cover some important nuances that you will want to know about reports in Check-Ins.

Second, typically you have to know how to use custom HTML or CSS in order to create a custom report in Planning Center. Not anymore. We show you how to import custom reports into your account using Watch that 4-minute video here.

Are you ready for our complete training on Planning Center Registrations? It's almost here, we are currently editing 15 videos that will help you start accepting signups for your events (they will go live on April 1st). Your lifetime membership includes all of these videos that we are adding to the course.

What part of Registrations training are you looking forward to most?

New Videos: The Architecture of Planning Center

We have re-designed the Get Started section of the course and introduced two new videos that are now available.

These videos are designed to help students understand what Planning Center does, what it doesn't do, and where it fits in with the rest of the tech and tools that they use.

Here are links to those new videos:

I am praying for you and your ministry! 


New Download: Email Templates

If you haven't got there in the course yet, we walk you through how to send mass emails through Planning Center and how to automatically send email templates when someone submits a form.

This PDF provides you with common email templates that churches store in Planning Center to save time week to week.

You can download it in the course.

What emails do you send every week?

Supercharge Your Volunteer Scheduling!

Our focus for new content this week is all about volunteer scheduling.

These are the videos that will be added to the course this week (some are already posted):

In addition to these videos, we also added a video on how to Track What Schools Kids Attend in Planning Center People.

We are excited to share these videos to help you take your volunteer scheduling to the next level.

NOTE: the course is now LIVE! You can share it using this link.

The Biggest Update Ever: The Ultimate Guide to Planning Center Lists (PDF) + New Videos

We just dropped a ton of new content to our course on Planning Center & made some significant updates as we prepare for the public launch of our course next week.

The Biggest Update Ever

Planning Center Made Easy is now made up of THREE PARTS.

  1. The Course
  2. The Community
  3. 🆕  Live Office Hours (3 months of live calls every other week where you can ask questions and here how other churches are using Planning Center)


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Planning Center Lists (67 Page PDF) is now included in the course. Download it here.
  2. Inspiration & Ideas for Workflows (17 Page PDF) is now included in the course. Download it here.
  3. We re-organized the course content based on the feedback from our test group.
  4. We introduced a new module of the course called "Time Saving Automation" and over time will be adding even more training on how to automate common ministry tasks.
  5. We published 10 new videos to the course, including:
    1. Time Saving Automation: Automate Online & In-Person Attendance (Check-In with Forms)
    2. Services: Track Volunteer Attendance in Services
    3. Services: Create Tags
    4. Services: Assign Tags
    5. Services: Add Items to Your Plan
    6. Services: Add Your Plan to a Sermon Series
    7. Services: Create Filters in Services
    8. Check-Ins: Add, Edit or Remove Check-Ins
    9. Check-Ins: Reprint Labels
    10. Check-Ins: Add Pop-up Announcements


You'll notice that we completely re-organized the community with fresh direction & inspiration from numerous successful communities. This new setup will emphasize accountability by inviting students to participate in Monthly Challenges that will help them grow on Planning Center and by celebrating the way they are winning each week.

We also added a new job board to the community and will be partnering with churches and job search agencies to help members of our course find work faster.

Get Ready to Join the Conversation!

Over the next few weeks, I'll be spending a regular part of my week connecting with members of the course here in this community. I'm excited to help ministry leaders make the most of Planning Center and the other tech and tools in their tool belt.